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Will launch Nuclear attack on India if anyone touched my posters in Kerala: Kim Jong Un | Satire


Will launch Nuclear attack on India if anyone touched my posters in Kerala: Kim Jong Un | Satire

Last Updated on : 7 Mar,2018 | Source : i - net

New Delhi:Supreme leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the most awesome person on the planet, and the only man who can compete with Donald Trump for the biggest idiot on the planet title, Kim Jong Un has warned India that he will launch a Nuclear attack if anyone touched his posters in Kerala. Supreme leader gave this warning after learning about the removal of Lenin’s statue in the Indian state of Tripura. After the defeat of CPM in the recent assembly elections, Lenin’s statue was removed by alleged BJP workers yesterday.
Kim Jong Un has been a hero for communists in Kerala and his posters have come up more than once in the state recently. After removal of Lenin’s statue, Kim Jong Un is worried that his posters may become the next target. He thinks a mob of BJP workers may try to burn them or tear them up and he has asked PM Narendra Modi to avoid such a situation else he will launch Nuclear missiles targeting all major Indian cities.

An official DPRK spokesperson said ,”Even though our Supreme Leader is generally a very peaceful man but if some lines are crossed, he gets a little bit angry. Any mob touching his posters will be crossing that line and then India will have to pay. Our Nuclear missiles are already ready for an attack and we will just have to change the target from Donald Trump’s Golf Course to Indian cities. Comrade Lenin was not around to defend himself so they could remove his statue but Supreme Leader is still around and will not tolerate anyone messing with his posters.”

Meanwhile, CPM promised to erect a giant statue of Lenin outside the Parliament after winning the next elections, a joke that was well received by all the parliamentarians present there.

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