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Uncertainty in Kashmir and it’s causes : Young Voice from Valley


Uncertainty in Kashmir and it’s causes : Young Voice from Valley

Last Updated on : 31 Oct,2017 | Source : Sheikh Minhaj Larvi

Kashmir issue, a business industry for political giants and so called stake holders, political Hercules either from Pakistan or India are constantly working to boost and raise the business to high formidable. 
   “Let us now breathe in terror free atmosphere”     
Years came off and blue moon sacrifices were made to assemble Kashmir free, but all dematerialized. Let me remind the subjective class of the state that thousands of interlocutors were put on patrol to anatomize Kashmir issue, dialogue transactions were made, centuries and heaps of discussions were processed to knock off uncertainty, but what came to light at the end of the day. Instead of favorable we attested same bloodshed and innocent killings near and far.

On the other hand after every single slaughter our resistance leadership is involving us in the decades old strategy “Hartal and Strikes” which appeared bad to worst ever, and mainstream is continuously harmonizing the decades old melody for one another for the passion of their births.
Situations arrived at the level where we are unable to get down to the brass that what will be the next, and everyone in Kashmir is suffering from psychological depression and that very illness of us helps each and every agency to equipment their policy in Kashmir, either that is braid chopping or any other policy.
Common masses of the valley should introspect that in daily regime without feeling culpable we are killing ours and leaders and contractors of that very crusade are enjoying a high rated protocol even in police custodies.

Why we are in process of alteration from humanity to animality and barbarism, no one knows. We should also introspect that policies implemented here are indulging us to strife with one another to create hullabaloo in valley. And agencies as well chairpersons over here and there are having a ball of the game “Chor Police” which we play here in valley.
If New Delhi is claiming and summoning the resistance leaders time and again, why are they still powerless to take any stern actions and if they are enlightened about the situations and are justifying that Pakistan is promoting the separatism and terrorism in the valley, let me ask here for what intelligence agencies and security forces are assigned then.
It is an hour to understand that Kashmir dispute is money mechanism for the monsters across the border and they will left no stone unturned to add fuel to the fire, 
It is fight between two nuclear powers and we are being ruined in-between, the hate among the countries always chopped down us to knees and we are still unable to recognize the nefarious designs.
It is high time to implement the future saving policy for our upcoming generations and the need of an hour is get united and hammer our mainstream and stake holders to put their policies across the table and make amendments, otherwise time is not so far when the greenery will be converted to wastelands. We should frame a single policy for all either to support the movement or quit. Because emotions and feelings are not permitting more to witness coffins of Grooms, tears of half widows, rape victims, orphans and parents whom children were caught and killed.

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